Laundry Room Bliss

Among the current trends in remodeling and new-home construction are supercharged laundry rooms. Gone are the days when this room was overtly utilitarian, used for the sole purpose of housing the clothes washer and dryer. Today’s laundry rooms are multitasking zones that help the homeowner stay on top of chores such as pet grooming, garden activities, crafting, gift wrapping, home office duties, storage and more.

Furthermore, for many homeowners, the laundry room, a.k.a mudroom, is both the first and last space that they see when entering or exiting their home. So if you are itching for a laundry room tailored to your lifestyle, here’s some inspiration for your laundry-room transformation.

Purpose: As with any remodel project, success is in the planning. First decide what activities you would like your laundry room to perform. For example: