Kitchens Galore

Glass, glass everywhere. From simple drinking glasses to Chihuly chandeliers, the making of utilitarian as well as decorative objets d’art from glass dates back to the middle of third millennium B.C. in areas such as Syria, Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. The primary chemical compound comprising glass is silica, the same substance found in a grain of sand. From this simple element springs amazing beauty.

Although brittle, glass is also very sturdy but the real “beauty” of glass is in its ability to transmit, reflect and retract light. These qualities are enhanced by various processes applied to glass — such as acid etching, which gives it a frosted appearance for privacy in shower glass and windows; or cast glass, which is molded into specific shapes for countertops, decorative hardware and more. It is for these very reasons that glass has found its way into many structural and decorative building products.