Reach in Closet for Forever Home




Reach in Closet for Forever Home

This project is part of a whole house remodel that embraced accessible design and the premise of living-in-place.

The objectives for the master suite closets were to accommodate an extensive woman’s wardrobe including 40+ pairs of shoes while leaving adequate space for the husband’s more modest wardrobe. Further, all items needed to be accessible. The original closet was eliminated by the relocation of the staircase to the second-floor master suite.

A careful analysis of the homeowners’ needs and desires optimized the organization and storage options to include a variety of closet rod widths and heights, roll-out shoe racks, roll-out soft drawers, and shelving. The content of the closets is illuminated by tubular skylights with integral light kits in the hall, over-the-door LED fixtures in each closet, and lighted LED lower closet rods.

The closet design achieved the homeowner’s objective to house their wardrobes and even had room left over for bed linens!

01 Reach in Closet for a Forever Home01 Reach In Closet for Forever Home After
Forever Home Floor Plan BeforeForever Home Floor Plan After
02 Reach in Closet for Forever Home02 Reach in Closet for Forever Home After