Bathroom | Accessible Vanity & Shower




Bathroom | Accessible Vanity & Shower

This project was designed for a couple, one of which is a full-time wheelchair user and the other is the primary caregiver, in a home that they had only recently purchased.

The primary objective was to make the key amenities accessible to the wheel-chair user and provide plenty of storage for towels, toiletries and other supplies. A secondary objective was to make the colors and materials complimentary with the furnishings throughout the house to maintain a cohesive look.

The bathtub and shower were removed in favor of a properly proportioned roll-in shower complete with transfer pole, grab bars, accessible valves, and hand-held shower head. Nearly identical vanities were created, at the homeowner’s request, with one having a roll-up sink. The wheelchair user has a power lift wheelchair that allows easy reach to the faucet, the kelvin button the on mirror (which can also be activated by an easy to reach wall switch) and the hand towel.

The toilet area was fitted with grab-bars for both sitting and standing use (with leg braces). A tall linen cabinet with pull-out hardware allows both users to access toiletries and supplies.

The objectives were met and  the wheel-chair user can utilize most of the bathroom independently with dignity, while the caregiver has gained peace of mind, knowing that their loved one is able to perform daily grooming tasks safely on their own.

01 Bathroom with Accessible Vanity | McCabe By Design01 Bathroom w Acessible Vanity
03 Bathroom w_ Accessible Vanity Before04 Bathroom w_Accessible Vanity
02 Bathroom w Roll Up Vanity BeforeBathroom w/ Accessible Vanity | McCabe By Design
06 Bathroom w_Accessible VanityBathroom w_ Accessible Vanity| Roll-In Shower | McCabe By Design