Supporting Health and Wellness Through Human-Centric Lighting, Technology and Comfort (Part 2)

Human Centric Lighting

Human-centric lighting (HCL) is the art and science of designing interior lighting systems that mimic natural light, be it daylight or darkness. Exposure to the “right” light can render a positive biological impact on the master clock in your brains and in turn, your circadian rhythms. The net objective of HCL is improved occupant comfort, mood and productivity in indoor spaces that support healthy circadian rhythms.

According to Alexander Ding, MD, “The natural 24-hour cycle of light and dark helps maintain alignment of circadian biological rhythms along with basic processes that help our bodies to function normally.” Conversely, “excessive exposure to nighttime lighting disrupts these essential processes and can create potentially harmful health effects and hazardous situations.” The American Medical Association recognizes that exposure to excessive light at night can disrupt sleep and cause unsafe driving conditions.