Home Makeover Rivals Any Reality Show

cMolly McCabe participated in her first home remodel when she was only 12, renovating an 1895 farmhouse on Lopez Island.

Now she could win any of those home improvement reality TV shows.

After earning a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a career in finance, 19 years ago she followed her “passion for making dysfunctional spaces functional, as well as beautiful.”

As a result, her business on Bainbridge Island, A Kitchen that Works, recently won a statewide Excellence in Remodeling award from the Building Industry Association of Washington.

The judging is heavily weighted on the complexity of the job from a structural and design standpoint along with how successful and creative the contractor was at meeting the needs of the homeowner as well as overcoming jobsite issues, McCabe said.

“The entries are very detailed in terms of the work performed, materials used, and the problems that arose prior to, and during construction,” she said.

McCabe did have a budget to work with, but for privacy reasons she could not say what it was, or name where the remodel took place, other than it was in Kitsap County.