Designing with Convenience Hardware

When embarking on an update or remodel of the hard-working rooms of your home (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or closet), it is wise to familiarize yourself with the many options available in convenience hardware. This will ensure you are creating spaces that maximize your storage, keep you organized and, most importantly, bring the content of your cabinets to you — eliminating the need for digging into the backs of cabinets and closets. The net result will be a safer, more ergonomic space that you will enjoy for years to come.

Kitchen Convenience Hardware

Corner base cabinets: Wasted, inaccessible corners can be remedied with lazy susans, super susans, their newer cousins the corner swingout or the magic corner. These pieces really bring the contents of the cabinet to you.

Standard base cabinets: Chef pantries, tandem trash/recycling units, mixer lifts, pullout pantries, pullout vertical knife blocks, pullout tray/cutting board organizers and rollout shelves are just a few of the many options that will help maintain your counters clutter free, reduce food spoilage and keep Fido out of the trash.

Drawer organizers: Single and double cutlery drawers, dish pegboards, horizontal knife blocks and utensil organizers will keep your drawers well organized and your counters clutter free, while toe-kick drawers will ensure you are making the most of your available space. The ergonomics of a dish pegboard are indisputable — it is much safer to lift a stack of plates up from a drawer than it is to get them down from a wall cabinet.