Bainbridge Island Home is a Study in Gray

After a fresh coat of paint, the second best way to quickly transform a room is with new flooring. Stunned by today’s residential flooring options? You are not alone. So many choices, so many colors and textures too.

It is easy to get overwhelmed but selecting the right flooring may be simpler than you think.

Start your decision process by establishing your flooring budget. Then estimate the area that you need to cover and increase that number by approximately 10 percent (for cutting waste).

For example, if you have a room that is 10-by-10 feet, you should budget for 110 square feet of material and labor costs. There is a big difference between the various flooring options — $2,530 or 1,150 percent if you consider the spread between low-end vinyl and high-end carpet. So simplify things by letting your budget dictate your first round of decisions.