Accessible Wine Cellar & Tasting Room




Iklil Gregg

Accessible Wine Cellar & Tasting Room

This project was part of a whole house remodel. The objective was to provide a space for the preservation and enjoyment of wine. The decision was made to create two distinct, but contiguous rooms dedicate to wine storage for 350 bottles, in a temperature and humidity control room with soy foam insulation and weather sealed doors to both the exterior and the interior of the house along with a fully equipped tasting room. The storage room is accessible by an ADA compliant ramp on the exterior of the room.

The wine storage room is primarily dedicated to red wines, but it also has under counter refrigeration units for chilled white and sparkling wine storage. The tasting room is well-appointed with storage for barware, wine accessories, a dishwasher, a sink and faucet, comfy chairs and mood appropriate lighting. The homeowners have taken considerable time and energy to stylize the tasting room to their taste, including the custom faux finished walls that mimic a rustic Italian wine grotto and the live edge countertop.