French Country Bathroom



ARCHITECT: EcoSmith Design and Consulting

ENGINEER: Swensen Faget

French Country Bathroom

The client’s historic French Country style home was constructed in 1907 and has been in the family for four generations. The objective of the project was to update the function and finishes and to address additional issues such as accessibility, poor lighting, low water pressure, awkward storage, and the fact that the room could be uncomfortably cold. The homeowners requested a period specific theme with modern amenities.

To successfully remodel the bathroom, the entire floor structure had to be rebuilt along with some of the walls and the room was fully rewired and plumbed.

A zero threshold shower complete with hand-held shower, shower seat and garb bar shampoo shelf checks the accessibility box. Custom designed storage alleviated the awkward storage. Electric resistant radiant floor heat chases the chill away. Lastly, a ceiling hung custom LED mirror combined with recessed can lights provides the right level of illumination for every task.

The new bathroom is a breadth of fresh air and safe too!

02 French Country Bathroom Before02 French Country Bathroom
09 French Country Bathroom Before09 French Country Bathroom
French Country Floor Plan BeforeFrench Country Bathroom Fllor Plan After
06 French Country Bathroom07 French Country Bathroom
11 French Country Bathroom Before11 French Country Bathroom