Guest Blog Posts by Molly Erin McCabe

Let’s face the fact that while entertaining family and friends can be rewarding and filled with multitudes of laughter and memory-making, it can also leave a mess behind. This means after all your friends and family have departed after a day or evening of festivities, you’re left with the aftermath and mess to clean up, especially in the kitchen.

In previous blogs, we discussed the design concept of the work triangle and how it is a great guideline to use when redesigning your kitchen. However, as today’s’ kitchens continue to grow in size and open up into connecting rooms it’s only natural for the work triangle to evolve into separate functioning work zones/areas. Those primary zones are the Prep Zone, Cooking Zone, and Clean-up Zone. In addition, other separate zones such as a Baking Center, Command Center Zone, or an area for pets might also be included in the kitchen depending on its size and available space.

Today we are going to focus on the Clean-up Zone.