Guest Blog Posts by Molly Erin McCabe

As we continue our series on design details that can be added to cabinets we’re going to take a look at another decorative option available for doors – Mullions.

Mullions add a timeless visual interest to cabinets by creating a windowpane look to the doors. It dates back to early American times when large sheet glass had not yet been produced. Smaller pieces of glass were held together with thin strips of wood called mullions to create a larger window. Today, the glass is a single sheet and sits behind the mullion and door frame, yet still offers that classic look. We have several decorative options available and each one is handcrafted in-house at our Dura Supreme factory.

First up is the Traditional styled Mullions. This consists of vertical and horizontal strips that split the glass into equal size panes. These mullions can be used with either raised panel or flat panel doors and are very timeless.