The Gathering Kitchen




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The Gathering Kitchen

The primary objective of this project was to create the ability to install a refrigerator sized for a family of six. The original 14 cubic foot capacity refrigerator was much too small for a four-bedroom home. Additional objects included providing wider (safer) isles, more counterspace for food preparation and gathering, and more accessible storage.

After removing the dual walk-in pantries and installing a beaming above the original refrigerator (missing despite being in the original building plans), this area of the kitchen was opened up to make room for a much larger refrigerator, pantry storage, small appliance storage, and a concealed information center including backpack storage for the youngest family members (complete with an in-drawer PDA charging station).

By relocating the sink, the isle between the island and the range became much less congested and provides space for below counter pull-out pantries for oils, vinegars, condiments, baking sheets and more. Taller wall cabinets on the new sink wall provide improved storage for dishes.

The kitchen is now more conducive to frequent entertaining but is cozy enough for a family that cooks and eats together on a nightly basis. The beautiful materials, natural light and marine view are the icing on the cake.

01 The Gathering Room Before01 The Gathering Room After
05 The Gathering Room Before05.5 The Gathering Room After
08 The Gathering Room Before07 The Gathering Room After
The Gathering Kitchen BeforeThe Gathering Room Floor Plan After
03 The Gathering Room Before03 The Gathering Room After
07 The Gathering Room After07 The Gathering Kitchen Remodel After
11 The Gathering Room Before11 The Gathering Room After