Rustic Kitchen Remodel



Rustic Kitchen Remodel

A few years after completing the remodel of their master bath, the clients asked us to return to make their very dysfunctional kitchen…functional. The objectives were to replace the terracotta tile floors, failing appliances and unhygienic tile countertops and to improve the lighting and storage and work flow of the kitchen.

There was one catch…the kitchen was built on a slab with had hydronic heating tubes running through the floor and the ceiling which made running/relocating wiring and plumbing very difficult. A utility sleave was buried under the original kitchen island providing power to the former cooktop and single island outlet. The success of this project was based on pivoting the design and requisite utilities off existing locations and carefully supplementing where needed.

On the top of the wish list was more functional storage (pull-out pantries, chef’s pantry, pop-up mixer, tray divers, pull-out trash, pot and pan drawers, roll-outs and more), more counter space with electrical outlets on the island, an end-grain maple butcher block prep counter across from the dual sinks, an induction cooktop, a functioning exhaust hood, a steam oven, better lighting (cable and rail and under cabinet lighting ensures there is a good light level for every task) and a low maintenance, durable floor able to withstand three large four legged children.

Beautiful, functional and durable, the rustic kitchen fixtures and finishes pair well with the homeowners’ healthy, casual lifestyle and their four-legged children.

01 Rustic Kitchen Remodel01 Rustic Remodel After
03 Rustic Kitchen Remodel Before03 Rustic Kitchen After
02 Rustic Kitchen Before02 Rustic Kitchen After
Rustic Kitchen Remodel Floor Plan BeforeRustic Kitchen Remodel Floor Plan After