Guest Blog Posts by Molly Erin McCabe

Many readers know me as a contributing writer to WestSound Magazine magazine. I am also a residential designer, remodeling contractor and an avid tennis player.

Ten years ago, I had a mishap on the courts and seriously injured my left ankle.

At that time, the shower in our master bathroom was a 32-by-32-inch, stall type. Needless to say, I had a dickens of a time showering in this confined space with no grab bar or seat.

A year later when my husband and I commenced a rebuild of our home, I vowed to make sure there was a multitude of places to sit down in our new home — and boy, am I glad that I did. Recently, I had an identical accident but this time my right ankle was injured.

When planning your next home build or remodel project, remember to incorporate seating opportunities throughout your home. A bench at the back and/or front door for removing shoes, a seat in the shower, a chair or storage bench in a walk-in closet, a chair or storage bench in a bathroom, a window seat at the landing of a set of stairs, a banquette or eating bar in the kitchen are just a few ideas to consider.