Guest Blog Posts by Molly Erin McCabe

Most homeowners have a hate-hate relationship with their exhaust fans, be it the one in the bathroom or the one in the kitchen, and as a result they are seldom used.

Exhaust fans are designed to remove moisture, grease and particulates from your home, thus preventing these substances from adhering to your walls, cabinetry and furnishings, as well as being breathed in by the home’s occupants. If the fans are not used, you can experience moisture-related issues such as mold, higher maintenance requirements and lower material life (for paint, wallpaper, cabinetry and furnishings), not to mention respiratory issues for occupants.

Homeowner’s complaints about exhaust fans can generally be lumped into two categories: “It is too noisy” and “It doesn’t work.” The first reason tends to be more valid than the second.

Noisy fans can be blamed on a variety of factors.